Your New Gainesville Braves!

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gainesville braves

Come out with your family to enjoy an evening of terrific baseball, great food, and good music at Ivy Watson Field to see your new Gainesville Braves Baseball Team.

If a game is playing – Watch Now!

Take part in our giveaway and event promos programs throughout the season.

As a member of The Sunbelt Conference, we are funded and sponsored by Major League Baseball.  You will have the opportunity to see good players from various Universities throughout the country.

All home games will be broadcasted by WGTJ Radio on 1330 AM and 97.9 FM and video will be broadcast LIVE, from behind the catcher, then moved to the blog after the game has finished.

Southern Epicurean Food Truck will be doing all food concessions this season with exciting menus that will vary for each home game.

Place your order and we will deliver to your seat.

We Will See You at the Park!